Civil engineering vacancies and tunneling jobs on the rise

Published: 29th April 2010
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The scale of spending on infrastructure growth under way or envisioned both locally and globally is enormous. That's why infrastructure will be one of the best global investment opportunities for years to come. For emerging markets like China, India and the Middle East, the play is the massive build-out of infrastructure to support future growth ambitions. For North America, Western Europe and the rest of the developed world, there is a pressing need to repair or replace aging roads, bridges and the like. Among developing nations, much of the demand for infrastructure boils down to a pair of key trends: population growth and urbanization. Civil engineers with worthwhile experience in their chosen fields or even fresh civil engineers just out of college looking for a civil engineering vacancy in reputed firms will be at an advantage because infrastructure growth will always lead to a huge increase in the number of available civil engineering vacancies. Many companies will be involved in this work of upgrading infrastructure, including heavy-equipment makers, cement suppliers, steel manufacturers, utilities, and engineering firms. All these companies will come out with many a civil engineering vacancy in the near future because all of them want to be a part of the growth story. Every sub domain - design, construction, materials, drawing, planning, structure, geology, traffic planning etc. will have at least one civil engineering vacancy.

With more and more roads and rail tracks being built on and around rocky, mountainous terrain, there has been a huge spate in the number of tunneling jobs too. Tunnels need to be built in intractable pieces of mountains to find a way for the means of transport to be laid out. Also with rise in the number of mining and quarrying activity all over the world, tunneling Jobs will be available because tunnels are essential for mines to be dug at strategic places where the desired minerals or material can be found. These tunneling jobs are going to serve a variety of professionals ranging from contractors and consultants to clients and machine manufacturers. The process of building a tunnel is a long drawn out one. Right from design to tunnel drawing to material selection to size specifications to construction to maintenance and upkeep, every step in the process creates tens of tunneling jobs which will fuel the growth story, especially in high growth geographies like India, China and Dubai in Saudi Arabia. A huge amount of money is being pumped into the research and development sector of tunneling too to find out methods, materials and design that will aid the construction of long lasting tunnels. So tunneling professionals with a heartfelt interest in research can also expect their hands to be full with incoming offers of tunneling jobs, specifically related to R&D.

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